2009-01-04 Lyndee - Happy New Year

Sunday January 4, 2009  - Rick Johnson open by encouraging the boys realize that God does supply all our needs but there is a need on our part to continually ask, knock and seek Him.  His text was Mat. 7.7-11.  Pam led us in praise and worship as we sang My Deliverer, I Know it, You are My King, Who Am I and Knees to the Earth.  Her theme was taken from C.J. Solis's desire that during the month of January our motivation to make disciples of the boys be "At All Costs"

Lyndee admitted that she was waiting on the Holy Spirit to tell her what to say to the boys and I can attest to the fact; "He Did"!  Her scripture text was Joshua 1.1-11 and her theme was "It is Possible to have a Happy, Properous New Year.  Read the scripture text and you will find out how. 1. Do not be afraid! 2. God's will is what's important, not yours!  3. God's presence will empower us, not anyone else!  4. God's Word is what gives us success!

Ken Moreland closed by reading an email from a Pegasus graduate.  The email is posted under Success Stories .