2009-02-01 Ken - Prayer

Sunday February 1, 2009 – This was a special Sunday at Pegasus which will never be repeated.  We said goodbye to Pam, our wonderful worship leader.  Rick lead off with a reminder to follow the words of our Lord “"If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." After one of the Pegasus boys lead us in prayer.

Before leading us in worship for the last time, Pam spoke from her heart about her time at Pegasus.  How when she first started she wondered how she could connect and it was through the bible study ministry that provided that connection.  She said that one of the first things she will do in her new home is find a good church and then encouraged the boys to do the same when they leave Pegasus.  She listed five things she would look for in a new church:

Church that teaches the truth

Church that transforms lives

Church where people use their gifts

Church where people love one another

Church that knows how to worship

 Then she began to lead us in worship with “The Heart of Worship”, “Here I Am to Worship”, “East to West”, “Shout to the Lord”, “I Can Only Imagine”, and “Do You Feel the Mountains Tremble”  She closed with a song she had written entitled “Coming Home”. 

Lyndee came on the platform and presented to Pam a thick notebook full of goodbye thoughts and drawings made by the boys at Pegasus.  Lyndee recited a poem she had written for her dear friend Pam:

                 I Can Only Imagine

I can only imagine what life would have been;

If my gracious Lord had not brought you in-

To the Wednesday night study all those months ago;

How I bless His name that I’ll never know!

I can only imagine!

Your heart for the Lord and bright smile never failed.

Your encouraging words and “Just pray!” soon prevailed;

Into fields white with harvest together we went;

To serve our dear Lord in whose name we were sent.

I could not have imagined! 

I can only imagine when you are gone,

When you’re  livin’  there;  callin’  Nashville home.

Tennessee, God’s dear one, He now sends to you;

With three children, her husband and Bodacious, too! 

I can only imagine!

No way to postpone it -- though it’s coming I dread!

Dear friend that I’ll miss you need not be said.

But know I’ll imagine when the sun sets each day,

Being home with our Father where forever we’ll stay.

I can only imagine!

It was an emotional worship service and as the morning speaker, Ken, walked up to the platform you could hear a pin drop.  Everyone seem to be waiting for something and they did not have long to wait.  Ken looked over to Ben and asked if he was going to sing, stating that he would rather listen to Ben sing than hear himself talk. 

Ben began to worship the Lord as only Ben can do and right in the middle of his music C.J. stepped forward asking Ben to continue and then turned to the boys saying.  “I believe there are many of you who need someone to pray for you and I am asking you to raise your hand so we can come to you and pray for you!”  The remainder of the service was spent praying with the boys.  I spent the time praying with one boy after another; “Mr. Moreland, please pray for my mother.  She needs a place to live.”  “Mr. Moreland, please pray for my mother, she has cancer.”  “Mr. Moreland, Please pray that my father will stop drinking and smoking and fighting with my mother.”  “Mr. Moreland I did a terrible thing.  Please pray for me”…. And the list goes on and on.

Ken closed with the boys reciting the Lord’s Prayer.