2009-04-19 Robert - Temptation

Sunday, April 19, 2009 - The writer of these events goofed in that he was late to worship service and missed Rick’s opening.  He apologized to Rick who said his opening was very short!

Lyndee opened the singing with “Come, Now is the Time to Worship”.  She was assisted by Cindy and a couple of the boys from Pegasus. 

Lyndee spoke of the Friday night bible study where they are looking at the “Lord’s Prayer” and the different names of God.  As an assignment she asked the boys to choose one of God’s names and write out a praise or prayer or scripture using that name.   One by one the boys came forward some reciting scripture, others a prayer or praise or a combination of all three.  It was very moving.

Lyndee continued the singing with “Alleluia, Praise Ye the Lord”, “Lord, there is None Like You” and “Great is our God”.

Cindy prayed for the boys.

Tommy Finfrock from the Gideon’s brought bibles for the boys and spoke some words of encouragement.

Our speaker for the morning was Robert James who spoke on how temptation works in our lives, the sorrow of succumbing, the joy of victory.  He talked of our eventual destination, heaven or hell and then began to teach how Satan works in our lives using his personal testimony as an example.  He spoke of the choice before each of us; giving in to the flesh or seeking the higher ground.

Life is a battle between our natural lusts and God’s way but we are not defenseless.  Our Lord has given us weapons to defend against the wiles of Satan and eventually defeat him, the main one being His Word, the sword of the Spirit.  It is Jesus Christ by way of the Spirit that lives within each of us.  We are His kingdom on this earth and we can rule and have authority over sins of the flesh and Satan himself.  It is our responsibility to be good stewards of these precious gifts by sharing His love with those he places in our paths.

He spoke of the black hole of sin trapping its victims pulling them deeper and deeper into that hole.  He encouraged the boys to join the fight and become God’s over comers.  You can change your direction by not giving in to your fleshly feelings, by not acting on your feelings but on your will.  Take authority over your feeling and control of your will.  You can do what is right!  You can be victorious!

He closed by telling the boys how special they are to God and a word of prayer that his message would find fertile ground in their hearts.

Before Ken closed with the Lord’s Prayer he provided a graphic description of a recent kidney stone operation emphasizing how we respond to pain.  “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”