2009-08-23 George - Becoming Uncomfortable
Sunday, August 23, 2009 – Rick opened the morning service talking about the Friday Bible Study where they have been studying our relationship with God.  He talked about why man is separated from God and the path to get back together with him, his son Jesus Christ. 

Cindy informed the boys that Lyndee would be leaving and encouraged the boys to write her a letter, poem or maybe a drawing and she would place them in a notebook to give to Lyndee as a parting gift.

Ben blessed us with his voice and spirit singing a number of hymns.

Our morning speaker was George Leader who opened asking God to help the boys learn something today that would help them in their Christian walk.  His subject was “Being Uncomfortable”.  He used the illustration of heat and light to absolutes and how they apply to God showing why we find ourselves comfortable in certain settings of heat and light.  Likewise it is good and evil that determines our comfortable level with our Heavenly Father. 

He explained what justification is and how we obtain it through Jesus Christ.  He talked about willful sin and our continual participation therein.  God has clearly said don’t do this and we do it anyway. George said that the only way to get victory over willful sin is to surround ourselves with God’s light.  It is only when we have that victory we can be the example God’s wants us to be.

George closed warning the boys that the time of Christ’s return may be close at hand.  He said he was not trying to scare them but to make them aware of the signs of the time and their need to heed God’s direction for their life. 

Ken closed with a few words about seeking wisdom and then had the boys recite the Lord’s prayer.