2009-11-08 Robert - Faith

Sunday November 8, 2009 -  Rick encouraged the boys to focus on their family.  To bless and forgive even if it is not your fault.  He touched on Moses upbringing and the effect of God’s call upon his life, how God had to break him to make him.

Cindy led the music part of our morning worship starting with “Now is the Time to Worship”.  It was heart warming to hear the boys join in with the recorded music.

Our morning speaker was Robert James.  He spoke on the subject of faith encouraging the boys to stop pretending to be what everyone wants them to be and to begin living their lives as a testimony to their faith.  That can only happen when one recognizes what Jesus Christ did for him or her.   Don’t be blinded by the evil in this world but follow the light of the gospel.  

He used the stories of the two Lazarus’s as his text.  Living life to honor self leads to chaos and misery.  Living life to honor God leads to contentment and purpose.   

Ken closed with “Without Faith it is Impossible to Please Him”.