2009-11-15 Luis - God with Us

Sunday, November 15, 2009 – Rick opened with the story of Moses meeting God for the first time.  He listed the attributes given to Moses by that meeting and told the boys those same attributes could be theirs.

Cindy led the boys in worshiping the Lord through music for 23 minutes and I do not believe they wanted to stop. 

We had four young men who have successfully completed the Pegasus program and were going home.  Their names are Nathan, Austin, Cameron and Triny.  Ken blessed each one.

CJ spoke for a few minutes about what going home means to the boys at Pegasus.  He asked the boys to realize that the fact they were at Pegasus versus TYC was a blessing.  He honor the staff for their steadfastness and reminded the boys that we are hear for you.

Our morning speaker was Luis Amaya.  His spoke of the omnipresence of God and the fact that He is always with us even when we don’t want Him.  His text was Mat. 14 – Jesus walking on the water and his subject was fear.  He showed through the scriptures that fear is a direct result of doubt and doubt is a direct result of unbelief.  Luis used Peter as an example and he asked the boys to call upon Jesus when doubt enters their life and to be aware of where fear comes from.  He closed telling the boys to step out of the boat and let God, not fear guide them.

Ken closed with “You Have Not Because you Asked Not.