2009-11-22 CJ - Hope

Sunday November 22, 2009 – Rick opened to a large audience, some sitting on the floor due to not enough chairs, reading a testimony about how one of the Pegasus residents received Jesus Christ as his personal savior.  He talked about our fight against temptation and encouraged the boys to attend the Friday evening bible study.  Let God touch you, let His words encourage you and help you through this program.  A young man spoke of what the Friday evening bible study meant to him and asked other to attend.

Cindy led the boys in worship through singing beginning with “I Exalt Thee” and closed with “My God is Mighty to Save”. 

Ben continued the music singing “He is my Everything”, “Jesus is the One”, and “He was there all the Time”.  He talked to the boys about the sameness of each of us and how it links us up in worship.  It is what comes from the inside, not the outside.  The Father seeks us to worship Him in spirit and in truth.  Ben closed with “I Worship You”.

Our morning speaker was CJ whose subject was hope.  He spoke of the boys hope to someday be home, to complete the program and how he understood those feelings.  Hope begins with Jesus Christ and He that can turn your hope into substance.  I am here to give you hope.  I am here to introduce you to Jesus Christ.  To give you hope, to change the direction of your life.  CJ’s emotions broke ask he pleaded with the boys.  You could hear a pin drop has he prayed for each one and pleaded with God to changes us.  Father bless these children, bring peace into their lives.

Ken closed honoring a young man named Austin who had successfully completed the Pegasus program in 13 months.