2009-11-29 CJ - Be Thankful

Sunday, November 29, 2009 – Rick opened talking about how God has a specific purpose for each of us, to bring glory to Him.  He used Moses as an example showing how when we attempt to accomplish God’s purposes in our own strength it fails to glorify him and produces emptiness in us.  He closed reading a confession from one of the Pegasus residents entitled “You Are All I Need”.

Cindy led the boys in the musical portion of this mornings worship service opening with “Now is the Time to Worship”.   She asked everyone to stand and the majority did but there was so few who sat through every song.  It was a precious part of the worship service.

Ben blessed us waiting on the Holy Spirit to direct him as to what He wanted Ben to sing.  He opened with “Breathe On Me” and closed with “Make Me and Instrument”.

Our morning speaker was C.J. whose subject was “To be Thankful”.   He spoke of the difficulty of being thankful to God when we are going through difficult times as many in his audience were experiencing.  And yet it is in these very times we need to turn to Him with a thankful heart.  It is praise and thankfulness that pleases Him and changes us.

C.J. spoke of how we protect ourselves from hurt by putting on a front while inside we are miserable.   He asked the boys what they are thankful for today and one by one the boys stood and answered; “For a second chance”, “For sparing my grandmother’s life”, “For Jesus Christ”, “For being at Pegasus rather than TYC”, etc;

He closed encouraging the boys to learn to appreciate the simple things in life.

Ken closed the services encouraging the boys to master their emotions, especially anger.