2009-12-20 Ken - Christmas

Sunday December 20, 2009 – Rick opened reading the Christmas story from Luke, chapter 2.  He encourage the boys to spread the word just as the Shepherds who had heard the angels tell of the Savior’s birth and had seen the baby Jesus, spread the word.  Prior to the opening Kay Moreland had baked a large batch of Christmas cookies and passed them out to all the boys.

Special music was presented this morning by Paul and a number of the boys.  It was so inspiring, entertaining and unusual.

Ken Moreland spoke on what Christmas means to him. Although it was very special to him, it was not the date.  It was not the Christmas tree.  It was not Santa Claus.  It was not mistletoe.  It was not presents.  It was not Christmas cards.  Although all of these things are part of this modern day celebration, what made Christmas special to Ken was Jesus Christ.  He thrilled because this one day out of the year brought more people to church than any other with the exception of Easter.  It was the time when the whole world sang of his Savior’s birth, even unbelievers.  He was so thankful that Christ was still the central meaning of this day.