2010-01-17 Luis - Praise-Part 2

Sunday Jan 17, 2010 – Rick opened welcoming all the new members of his audience.  He spoke of the Friday evening bible study inviting all to attend.  Then he began to speak about our faith, the bedrock of our belief and the only way to get victory over sin.  He talked of the difference between thought and sin saying a thought in itself is not a sin.  It can be an evil or a good thought and the results are depended upon how we act out that thought.  He gave examples of evil thoughts producing sinful habits which will eventually become a character trait.  The same is true for good thoughts.  It is our faith that produces good deeds from our thoughts and overcomes the evil ones.

Cindy opened leading the boys in singing a song requested by Kay; “I’ll Fly Away”.  After we all sang; “He Knows My Name”, “I Want to See You”, “My God is Mighty to Save” and “Yes Lord”.

Our speaker was Luis Amaya who continued his teaching on what it means to praise God using Psalms 150 has his text.   It is praise from a thankful heart that pleases Him and that praise comes from deep within each of us.  It is our spirit that wants to praise God and it is our body that interferes with that praise. 

He asked the boys:

1.  Where we should praise God; everywhere, home, school, church, everywhere!

2.  Why should God be praised;  for His mighty acts, for His excellent greatness (Psalms 150:2)

3.  How should God be praised; in song, with musical instruments, a loud voice, in the     dance

4.  Who should praise God; everything that has breath

He closed telling the boys that there will come a day when everything that has breath will truly bow down and praise the Lord acknowledging that Jesus Christ is Lord.  (Philippians 2:11, Revelations 5:11-13)

Luis’s wife Connie came forward to share her love for the boys.  With 34 years working for the Lockhart ISD she has seen every problem that besets young people today including suicide.  It is that knowledge that drives Luis and Connie to minister to the boys at Pegasus.

Ben sang “Praise the Hurt Away”

Ken closed teaching the boys how to sing “Praise the Lord”, and reciting the Lord’s Prayer.