2010-01-24 CJ - Faith

Sunday January 24, 2010Opening our morning worship service, Rick talked about how the characters in the bible are examples for how we should and should not live our lives in Christ.   He spoke of how Saul disobeyed God’s specific commands and when through the prophet Samuel he was confronted, He made excuses for his misbehavior.  He asked the boys to consider their own situations like when they are caught in a disobedient act.  Do they respond like Saul with excuses or do they confess, repent and ask forgiveness? 

Look at King David.  He sinned terribly with Bathsheba!  When he was confronted how did he respond?  He fell on his knees and asked forgiveness.  Both Saul and David got caught in their sin. One was sorry he got caught and the other sorry he sinned against God.  Each had to suffer the consequences for their sin, one with God and one without.  Likewise here at Pegasus if you break the rules you suffer the consequences which will be much easier if you are truly sorry for your act and not the fact you got caught.

Cindy was joined in the music part of our worship by a musical group who came all the way from Austin to play for the boys.  They led the boys in singing “Better is one Day”, “Let all the Earth Rejoice”, “I will Worship You”, “More Power”,”Now is the time to Worship” and “Here I am to Worship”.

Cindy invited Dean, who has finished the Pegasus program and will be going home in the coming week, to come up on the platform and speak to the boys.  He told the boys that this program is not that hard if they will just speak up and ask for help.  He plans on entering college to continue his education.   Ken came forward and prayed for Dean.

Our morning speaker was C.J. Solis.  He recognized the boys who were on PPL zero hours and the AB honor roll and then began to speak about Faith.  He talked of the goodness of God and the evil perpetuated by the devil.  Are you working this program?  Do you think you can beat the system on your own?  Are you saying to yourself you can beat that polygraph?  Are you blaming where you are on someone else or on your own bad choices? 

Or do you have the faith that with God’s help you will make the changes necessary to be the man God wants you to be.  It is faith that provides the hope that each of us will be successful in the tasks before us.  CJ used examples like the biblical story of Noah and the “Leave it to Beaver” TV series to demonstrate faith and hope.  Life is not always lived on the mountain top.  It has its valleys and as we walk through them it is faith that gives us the hope that we will be back on top of that mountain.

He closed telling the boys that he had faith that each of them could turn their lives in the right direction.  Do not be like all of those who made fun of Noah as he built the ark and then when the rains came pled to enter in.  Now is the time to enter into a life of faith in God and hope for the future. 

Get it together guys.  I love you!

Ken closed leading the boys in the Lord’s Prayer.