2010-01-31 Ben - Anointing of the Holy Spirit

Sunday -  January 31, 2010 – Our faithful minister, Rick, lost his father on Friday and in the midst of his grief and preparations for the memorial service he still managed to show up to open our worship service.  Thank you Rick, for your steadfastness, for your patience, for your faith and most of all for your love for the boys at Pegasus. 

He talked to the boys about the weight of guilt and how it can affect your life.  How does Jesus tell us we can handle our guilt?  The answer is in John 16:33 where our Lord speaks about the tribulations and trails we all experience in this life but in Him, Jesus Christ, we can have perfect peace. He tells us to be of good cheer, confident and undaunted for He has overcame the world.  The answer to our struggles is Jesus Christ and His revelation, the bible.

Cindy led the boys in worshiping the Lord in song;”I’ll Fly Away”,  “Open up the Doors”, “Only Imagine”, “How Great is our God”, and “My God is Mighty to Save”.

Our morning speaker was Ben Carter.  Before he began his message he ministered to a young man, Jose, who had told me earlier that morning he wanted to receive Jesus Christ as his personal savior.  I felt so honored that this young man had made it his purpose to seek me out with this request.  Welcome to the Kingdom of God, Jose.

Ben’s subject this morning was the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  He took his audience from the promises of Jesus Christ about the coming of the Holy Spirit, the baptism of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and the empowerment of the disciples to His anointing power available to us today.  He used the Old Testament temple architecture to highlight the difference between the work of the Holy Spirit prior to the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord and how He empowers us today.

Ben walked up and down the middle isle of the auditorium speaking to the boys in a rhythm characteristic of a Pentecostal preacher.  Scriptures flowed from his mouth like a stream full of rapids.  One after another he recited scripture after scripture interspersed with words of encouragement and warnings with regard to this precious anointing.

At the end he invited the boys to come forward so that he might lay hands upon them and pray that they would receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  One by one they came, standing in a line that stretched across the front of the chapel.  Ben began by laying hands on two boys and praying that they would receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Then he moved to the next two boys and so on down the line.  His prayers were never the same but seemed to somehow be tailored to each of the boys he prayed for.

Thank you Lord for Ben!

Ken closed leading the boys in reciting the Lord’s Prayer.