2010-08-01 Ken - Work Our Your Own Salvation

Sunday, August 1, 2010 – Rick opened talking about the upcoming family week and asked the boys to pray for the families knowing that some are having a hard time financially.  He prayed for the boys and their families.

Cindy led us in praise and worship singing "Holy is the Lord", "I can only Imagine", "He Knows My Name", "Trading My Sorrows" and "Amazing Grace"

Ken was our morning speaker and the title of his message was “Work out Your Own Salvation”.   He spoke about how each of us having a measure of faith and a responsibility to grow that faith until it’s foundation is unmovable.   He took his audience back to his “born again” experience and how our Lord had helped him work out his salvation using four major points:  1. Creation, 2. “The Religions of Man” by Hutson Smith, 3. the internal and external inspiration of the Bible and 4. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Ken closed the service with the boys reciting “The Lord’s Prayer”.